About Us

Hallam Driving School provide individually designed and well structured courses for pupils – from the very nervous beginner to those who have passed the test and need advice or to improve driving techniques to become safer drivers.

Motorway designed courses can be individual courses or part of the Pass Plus course. Our increasingly busy motorways require safe and positive driving principles which will be taught by experienced and professional instructors who are concerned for your safety as well as other road users.

The pupil is the most important person during a driving lesson. Everyone learns at different rates and levels so your lessons will be tailored to your needs at a pace suited to you. You can relax in the knowledge that you will be taught everything you need to be a good safe driver.

Pass Plus Registered

An excellent opportunity to improve your skills further once you have passed the test is to take a Pass Plus course. This covers a wider range of road situations and skills including motorway driving.

Not only do you improve your driving skills but you can also benefit from substantial discounts off your own car insurance which makes it very cost effective.

Mock Hazard & Practical Tests

Hazard Perception Training which is required for the theory test is available if you do not have access to a computer or if you have difficulty preparing for the theory test.

Mock practical tests will take place before you take a DVSA Driving Test so that you can experience the feeling of test conditions and also analyse your own driving skill.